• Chillicothe Cash

  •  Chillicothe Cash

    Chillicothe Cash cards are gift cards that can be used the same as cash at participating
    businesses which will keep local dollars in the community. 

    Each year, employers in the area give cash or gift cards as gifts, incentives and bonuses to employees and we all would like to see those dollars spent in our community.  Chillicothe Cash would make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. This is a great way to support the local businesses and keep the dollars in Chillicothe.

    Chillicothe Cash can be purchased at the Chamber Office in denominations of $5 and $20.  The Chillicothe Cash cards then can be redeemed at participating local businesses. 

    Guidelines for the Chillicothe Cash program:

    • Purchase Chillicothe Cash at the Chamber Office between 8:30-12 and 1-4:30, Monday to Friday.
    • Participating businesses are asked to display the notice, letting customers know it accepts Chillicothe Cash.
    • As customers bring in Chillicothe Cash, businesses can simply treat them the same as cash. It will be the business owner’s decision whether or not to give change back.
    • Businesses can bring in the used Chillicothe Cash on redemption days for reimbursement of 100% for Chamber members and 70% for non-Chamber members.
    • The Chillicothe Cash will have a 12-month expiration date.
    • Businesses could consider giving a discount if Chillicothe Cash are used in the store.


    If you would like to participate, please notify the Chamber Office as soon as possible and we will
    make sure you receive the Chillicothe Cash sign to display at your business.

    Please email the Chamber at office@chillicothemo.com or call 660-646-4050 with any questions about this new program.

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